All cats have stories. Some cats tell their stories; others do not.

BETTER RED has a story to tell that started last winter in our bedroom.

Our house cats often go out at night and, when the time is right, jump up on our bedroom window ledge and meow to be let in. We open the window and they spend the rest of the night sleeping with us. Its a practiced routine for cats and humans here.

One night last winter when we were wakened by a meow, we got out of bed, opened the window, let the cat in and went back to bed. When the cat curled up beside us and we reached over to pat him, we had a big surprise. Not only was he not one of our cats, he had a bobbed tail.

Who are you? we asked, turning on the light. The cat curled up on our bed was relaxed and happy and was a complete stranger, a cat we had never seen before. He smiled and purred. We picked him up, tossed him out the window, saying that wed see him in the morning. And in the morning he was waiting at the front door.

Where did he come from? How did he know to come to our window? Whose cat was he?

Only Red can answer our questions and hes not talking. Now hes a member of the family and were not asking any more questions -- although wed love to know his story.