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Attention to detail. That's our rule, first and foremost.
  • Our horses are fed on a strict schedule, four times a day.
  • Our vet and farrier visits are automatically scheduled by computer.
  • Our horses are turned out in gender-selective, small groups or alone in grassy paddocks.
  • Our horses are monitored 24 hours a day.
  • Our horses benefit from the expertise of our professional trainers.
Detail. Success. Full Circle. Full Circle Dressage

Full Circle uses independent nutritionists and veterinarians to design our care and feeding programs. Our hay and grain selections are based on a horse's breed, age, training level and nutritional needs. Each horse at Full Circle is continually evaluated as to condition, health and well being and those results are evaluated by our independent professionals.

Specific diets are designed for all Full Circle horses.

Our standard feeding program includes both timothy and timothy/alfalfa hays fed up to four times a day with grain fed up to three times a day, all on the following schedule: 6:30 & 11 a.m.; 3:30 & 8 p.m. Our standard feeds include Purina Strategy, Purina Senior, Purina Nature's Essentials Enrich 32 and Equi-Jewel.

Supplements are fed only to meet horses' diagnosed needs.

Full Circle horses are turned out daily, days or nights, weather permitting and by owner preference. Clothing is changed as needed. Owners choose between compatible groups or private turnout. Our turnout varies from acre paddocks to 20-acre fields, all lush with grass and mowed weekly. Duration of turnout is determined by owner preference and horses' needs.

Stalls are cleaned daily and picked six times a day.

Full Circle horses are continually monitored -- not only by night checks -- but also by 24/7 caretakers who live and sleep in the barn apartment. Their bedroom window looks out on the barn aisle. All it takes is a flip of a light switch to check any unusual night sound.

Full Circle follows a strict protocol for horses shipping into our barn. Upon arrival, temperatures are taken and water & hay offered with results recorded with time and date. If temperature is elevated, the vet is called. If normal, they are hand walked and checked every two hours over a 12 hour period.

There is no pasture board or self care. Rotated worming and inoculation schedules are required using our farm veterinarian.

The footing in Full Circle's indoor never freezes. The arena stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer because we have fabulous insulation. No dust thanks to our automatic sprinkling system. No hose dragging! Mirrors, automatic doors for air circulation, a viewing area. Full Circle has it all.

The rates

Board: $600/month, including turnout and clothing changes.

Board with private turnout: $650/month, including turnout and clothing changes.

Full Training: $1,500/month, including full care with grooming and tacking, turnout, and work by our trainers five days a week.

Starting youngsters: $1,000/month, including private turnout, grooming and tacking, clothing changes, and work by trainers three days a week.

Instruction: $50 & $35/session. Lessons generally last 45 minutes or more. If trailering in for lessons, $15 ring fee.