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Congratulations to HVK Presence on his $2,592.00 first-place win in the Kentucky Morgan Horse Breeders Incentive Awards, Dressage division. Presence was bred and is owned by Herbert V. Kohler, Kohler, WI and was trained and shown by Full Circle's Mary Jo Wicker. The award, presented in 2009, was based on his outstanding 2008 performance.

Blarney Stones Sailor and Blarney Stones Diana - USDF All-Breed Champions!

Blarney Stone's Sailor and Blarney Stone's Diana have been named 2009 USDF First Level and Training Level All-Breed Champions, out scoring all Gypsy Horses in three national Gypsy Horse associations, including the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, the Gypsy Cob & Drum Association and the Gypsy Horse Association. Awards are through GHA. Their median scores were 61.714% and 68.571%, respectively. Trainers are Full Circle's Mary Jo Wicker & Laura Ovaitt. Both horses are owned by Lise McNamara, West Milford, NJ.

National Gypsy Horse Show, Kentucky Horse Park, Oct. 17-18, Lexington, KY

      Six Blarney Stone Gypsy Horses won more than 40 ribbons at the National Gypsy Horse Show Oct. 17-18 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Classes ranged from Dressage to Halter, Costume, Hunter Pleasure and Pleasure & Obstacle Driving. They were shown by Blarney Stone owner Lise McNamara, her daughter, Kelsey and her friend Irene DuPont, plus Full Circle trainers, Clarke Vesty, Laura Ovaitt and Mary Jo Wicker. Jane Proctor groomed; Michele Morscher was braider. Videographer was Amy Stevens, please click the following horse names for dressage video from the show. Showing were Blarney Stone's Sailor, Deidre's Charm, Blarney Stone's Smooth Operator, Blarney Stone's Tracey and Rossa. Weanling colt Blarney Stone's Matisse was shown in hand.

2009 National Gypsy & Drum Classic at the Kentucky Horse Park

Dressage at the Park, Kentucky Horse Park, Sept. 4-6, Lexington, KY

    • HVK PRICELESS GEM: T-1, 63.913%, 66.522% & 63.478%, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd; 1-1, 61.333%, 1st, 1st, 2nd. Shown by Laura Ovaitt.
    • BLARNEY STONE'S SAILOR: 1-1 & 1-4: 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd & 3rd, Shown by Laura Ovaitt.

Meadow Lake Summer Classic I & II, August 22-23, Lancaster, KY

    • LOXLEY: 3-2, 65.385%; 3-1, 62.564% & 60.256%; 2-2, 60.811%.
    • HVK PRICELESS GEM: T-1, 3rd & 3rd; T-4, 3rd & 3rd. Gem has now qualified to compete for the Kentucky Morgan Horse Breeders Incentive Award, Dressage Division. The annual cash prize was won in 2008 by his cousin, HVK Presence, also shown by Full Circle.

Cincinnati Dressage Traditions & National Pony Cup, July 31-Aug. 2, Wilmington, OH

    • BLARNEY STONE'S DIANA: Qualified to show in the Region 2 Championships at Training Level. Highest scoring Training Level horse on Aug. 2. Scores: T-2, 75.714%, 70.714% & 68,571%, 1st; T-4, 74.000%, 2nd, 68.400%, 4th & & 65.600%, 2nd. Mary Jo Wicker, trainer.
    • ROSSA: National Pony Cup Gypsy Champion, Reserve Champion Intro & Training levels. Also, Intro A, 69.5% & 69.5%, 1st; Intro B, 64%, 3rd & 69.5%, 2nd; T-2, 68.571%, 2nd; T-4, 67.6%, 1st. Mary Jo Wicker, trainer.
    • HVK PRICELESS GEM: T-1, 63.478%, 2nd, 1st & 2nd. Laura Ovaitt, trainer. Gem is now qualified to show at Morgan Grand Nationals in October.

Mid-Ohio Dressage Assn. Classic, July 10-12, Delaware, OH

    • BLARNEY STONE'S DIANA: TL-2O, 71.429%, 1st; TL-4O, 61.6%, 2nd; TL-2O, 71.429%, 1st; TL-4O, 62%, 3rd; TL-2O, 67.143%. 1st; TL-4O, 66.8%, 2nd.
    • BLARNEY STONE'S SAILOR: 1st-1O, 59%, 1st; 1st-4O, 60.789%, 2nd; 1st-3O, 61.714%, 4th; 1st-4O, 63.684%, 3rd; 1st-4O, 60%, 2nd.

Majestic View I & II, June 12-14, Batavia, OH

    • BLARNEY STONE'S SAILOR: First Level Test 4, 61.84%, 3rd, 62.105%, 62.105% & 61.84%; Second Level, Test 4, 58.333%, 6th, & 57.619%, 6th.
    • BLARNEY STONE'S DIANA: Introductory Level Champion; Intro B, 72%, 1st, 76.5%, 1st, 68.00%, 1st; Training Level Test 1, 67.4%, 1st, & 70.000%, 2nd; Training Level Test 2, 69.643%, 5th.
    • ROSSA: Intro B, 70.0%, 2nd, 76.500%, 2nd, & 68%, 1st; Training Level Test 1, 64.8%, 3rd, & 65.652%, 4th, Training Level Test 2, 66.429%. Click for video >>

Kentucky Dressage Association Breeders Classic I & II, May 20-21, Lexington, KY

KDA Spring Warm Up & Annual Dressage Shows, Lexington, KY

    • BLARNEY STONE'S DIANA: Intro A, 69%, 1st; Intro B, 70.5%, 2nd; Training Level Test 1, 66.95%, 2nd; 64.348%, 3rd.
    • ROSSA: High Score Gypsy Horse; Intro A, 66.5%, 2nd; Intro B, 71.5%, 1st; Training 1, 67.391%, 1st; 62.609%, 4th.
    • BLARNEY STONE'S SAILOR: 1st Level Test 4 Open, 63.684%; 62.632%, 4th; 65.263%,1st; 2nd Level Test 3 Open, 60%, 2nd.

BAHA Spring Blast, April 26, Shelbyville, KY

    • ONNE: 1st, W/T Green Horse & W/T Champion with amateur/owner Susan Swope; English Pleasure Champion, Clarke Vesty.
    • ROSSA: 1st, W/T & Favorite Gait.

Feathered Horse Classic, April 17-18, Shelbyville, TN

    • ROSSA: High Point Horse, Gypsy Horse Association; 1st, Gypsy & Drum Dressage Suitability; 2nd, Gypsy Pleasure Driving; 3rd, Gypsy Geldings Three & Over.
    • BLARNEY STONE'S DIANA: 1st, English Pleasure Walk Trot; 3rd, Gypsy Mares 3 and Over.
    • ONNE: 1st, English Pleasure Friesians; Grand Champion Friesian Gelding.
    • ROSSA & DIANA are owned by Lise McNamara, Blarney Stone Acres, West Milford, NJ. ONNE is owned by Susan Swope, LaGrange, KY.

Full Circle Dressage honored the Blarney Stone Gypsy Horses at an open house Dec. 7, 2008. Featured was the presentation of 11 Gypsys, including three weanlings, four yearlings and four performance horses. Blarney Stone's Rossa, a two year old, was ridden by Maggie Rataj. Blarney Stone's Diana, a four-year-old mare, & Blarney Stone's Sailor, a five-year-old stallion, were ridden by Mary Jo Wicker, and Lady Wisteria, a nine-year-old mare in foal to Blarney Stone's Sailor, by Chris Radtke. The highlight of the event was a musical ride featuring Mary Jo and Blarney and Chris and Wisteria. Handlers were Joe Nelson and Jane Proctor, More than 130 people watched the presentation plus enjoyed a barbeque meal. Guests were presented with "Gypsy" scarves. The Gypsy Horses are owned by Blarney Stone Acres, Lise McNamara, West Milford, NJ. Open House with Gypsy Cob horses at Full Circle Dressage